Preparing for your Tulip Minis

Day: March 30th, 2024

Location: Hubert Family Farms

432 Narrow Lane, New Market, AL3761

Spring in Alabama is such a beautiful time, and one favorite event of my family in the spring is the tulip fields at Hubert Family Farms. We are so lucky to have this treasure so close to us the past few years. The season starts mid March and lasts about 3 weeks. Each row is typically a different color tulip.

Here's a few tips to make your minis successful:

Wear appropriate Clothing -

You'll want to choose clothing that coordinates with the vibrant colors of the tulips without clashing too much. Light-colored or pastel-colored clothing will contrast nicely with the bright hues of the tulips. It's also essential to wear comfortable shoes when walking through the fields. The weather in spring can change quickly, so having items for alternate weather situations can help. If it has been raining the fields are often muddy, so plain, coordinating rain boots are a great choice to keep your feet clean and dry.


Props can add a fun element to your family's photos. Consider bringing items like picnic baskets or blankets to incorporate into your photoshoot. Props can add a touch of personality and make your family photos more memorable. All I will have with me is a basket for tulips.